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Rockaway Beach May Be Getting 'Tanning Tables'

Image via the New York City Parks Department
Image via the New York City Parks Department

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As part of efforts to reconstruct the Rockaway Beach boardwalk, the city's Public Design Commission has come up with an alternative to their original plot to install concrete benches on the beach (ouch): Tanning tables.

Image via the New York City Parks Department

The wooden structures, which would be located between the entrance and the boardwalk, aren't tables exactly. They're more like ramps—ranging from 6 to 10 feet high, and 30 feet deep—with chaise lounges underneath.

There's no word on how many would be constructed, but already, locals are none too pleased, citing concerns about overnight sleepers, rowdy skateboarders, and, y'know, the fact that tanning is horrible for you.

What makes them for tanning, specifically? We're still not sure. In fact, despite their name, these tanning tables sound sort of...innocuous. Nice, even—especially the shaded chaise lounge part.—Rebecca Jennings
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