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Guess Which Wellness Trend the Mets Are Into

Image via the New York Post
Image via the New York Post

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Much like Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston before them, the Mets have gotten into cupping—an ancient Chinese practice that's said to increase blood flow. Beloved by the juice cleansing, oil pulling crowd, cupping usually involves using a flame to create a vacuum inside a glass bulb, attaching said glass bulb to your skin, and letting the bruising commence.

"When you're feeling tight and you do it, you feel better,"
reliever Jeurys Familia told the Wall Street Journal. Fellow reliever Vic Black added, "You can feel the muscle being drawn to the cup, and all of a sudden halfway through, you feel the release of it."

Cupping's scientific foundation is…dubious. Some doctors swear it ups circulation and relieves muscle stiffness, while others think its only effect is psychological. Whatever the case, it does make you look like you got into a fight with an octopus—a great conversation starter.
· Mets Latch On to Cupping Therapy, and Have the Marks to Prove It [WSJ]