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Crumbs News: Giant Cupcakes Make Triumphant Return to UWS

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Image via Crumbs
Image via Crumbs

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Nearly two months after that fateful day in July when all of the Crumbs stores went dark, we've gotten word that one of the first locations to reopen will be in Columbus Square. The Post reports that Crumbs 2.0 is getting ready for its September debut at 795 Columbus Avenue, where, under the new leadership of CNBC TV personality Marcus Lemonis, giant cupcakes will be served alongside "other offerings." (Some theories as to what those could be: Lemonis-owned sweets like Key West Key Lime Pie, Matt's Cookies, and Dippin' Dots.)

Not all Crumbs stores will be so lucky, though—right now the company plans to reopen only 28 of its 49 locations in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington.
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795 Columbus Ave New York, NY 10025