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SJP Says Her Latest Nordstrom Collection Looks 'Like Candy'

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Photos by Brian Sansivero for Racked

Sarah Jessica Parker hustled her way through three Nordstrom stores across the country last week, ending with a stop at the Roosevelt Field Mall in Garden City on Saturday to promote her fall shoe and handbag collection for the department store—#sjpwhistleshop, the prolific Instagrammer dubbed it on her social media channels. Posting everything from old razor blades to White House shenanigans, the actress prefers the 'gram because "there's not a lot of words exchanged," she told Racked with a laugh before her meet-and-greet with customers. "It can have more nuance than 140 characters."

Turning to the collection, some elements have stayed the same since it debuted in the spring. "We wanted to really continue this narrative of 'color is neutral,'" Parker said, adding that "everything should look and feel a little bit like candy.shocking red for the simple Lady pump ($350) to a royal blue suede New Yorker bag ($375).

"I think the biggest surprise is that the bags have been so successful," Parker continued. "The New Yorker's just been this crazy, big bestseller."

Like all women—and New York women especially—she believes a good bag is an essential part of city survival. "I ask a lot of a bag, and I want it to be well-made, but I also want it to be simple," Parker said. "I read a lot, and I never leave the house without a book, or something to read—or many things to read—so I like to know that I can fit a book or a script."

And speaking of bags that hold books, SJP made a quick (and, surprisingly, undetected) shopping trip in the department store to pick up a backpack for her son, James Wilkie.

Don't think this is the last you'll see of the now-seasoned designer—upcoming seasons are already in production. We're deep into spring," she told us. "At home, we've already finished resort and spring." Along with the expanded bag collection, expect to find "more flats, which we were asked to do," as well as boots.

If you can't make it out to Long Island any time soon—sadly, there isn't a city pop-up this time around—browse and shop all SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker products at the link below.
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