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Stock Up on Lacy Underthings at the Cosabella Sample Sale

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We stopped by the Cosabella sample sale at their Soho flagship shortly after the doors opened this morning. As usual, we found an array of bright colored bras, panties, sleepwear, and more, with thongs starting at $13—they typically go for $20. There's plenty of bins on the floors underneath the racks, so be prepared to dig to find the styles and sizes you need.

Starting with the underwear, thongs and g-strings are going for $13, while bikini briefs are $15 and boy shorts/hot pants are $18. All of these are available in several bins on the floor, and some pairs are in their original plastic packaging. Styles often got mixed up though, so don't be surprised if you're digging through briefs when you're looking for thongs.

There was a good mix of colors and patterns available in all sizes here, but when we were there, some shoppers were taking prime space in front of the bins to look for their items, not leaving much room for others to browse. This wasn't happening for the full time, however.

As for your upper half, soft bras are going for $30 and wire bras are $45. We didn't see many soft bras there, but there were plenty of the wires—aside from the visually appealing rainbow array of lacy bras, other styles took up a few bins on the floor.

While sample sales tend to be filled with smaller sizes, it was a pleasant surprise to see larger sizes available here—there's lots of D-cups here, especially for push-up styles.

With the sleepwear, babydoll-style nightgowns dominated the scene at $60, available in a range of sizes and patterns. Camisoles are going for $40, while boxers are $25—again, mostly available in larger sizes. There was also a box of pants for $40 that looked like pajamas—but, given the current loungewear trend in fashion, these could safely be worn out of the house.

While the swimwear here was very well-priced—top and bottom separates are going for $30 each, while one-pieces are $60—those looking for a Labor Day weekend bikini will have to go hunting for matching pieces. And for some reasons, the bins containing the tops and bottoms aren't even next to each other.

Miscellaneous sections of this sale include a rack with all-white bras, nightgowns, and more—perhaps marketing to brides-to-be?—and a "last call" rack where everything is $15. Shoppers didn't seem to be paying much attention to this area, filled with everything from tank tops and tees to dresses and plain-colored undies.

There weren't too many shoppers when we there this morning, but because of the sale space's organization, it's hard for more than one shopper at a time to be looking through a bin. Changing rooms aren't available here, but several were trying on bras and swimsuit tops near a large couch that was next to a mirror (staff monitored a sliding door at the entrance to make sure those browsing in the store couldn't see).

There's a good chance that there's no back-stock to put out on the floor, and customers should be aware that this sale is credit card only. The sale runs through Tuesday evening—see the Dealfeed below for more information.
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