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The Barneys Warehouse Sale Line: Not Intimidating!

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And the Barneys Warehouse Sale is off! Despite speculation that the department store would be making their famous sale online-only, the event is back for another go-round at the Metropolitan Pavilion. Racked reporter Laura Gurfein is on the scene scoping out the line.

Hello old friend.

7:15am: I am the 30th person in line! They're giving instructions to security now about keeping us in order because it is so (not) rowdy.

7:17am: More girls than guys as usual, but the split is maybe like 70-30.

7:22am: First person in line is a guy, who got here around 5am and brought a book. Only one camping chair spotted.

7:25am: Rolling out the stanchions now. There's already another 10 people behind me.

7:31am: There's at least 60 by now.

Lean back.

7:32am: People who are in pairs or groups are chatting quietly, but mostly people are are just leaning on the scaffolding with their phones.

7:35am: Doesn't look like there's any activity around the door.

7:50am: Gotta be close to 100 people by now. They're moving us closer together so that everyone can fit behind the stanchions. Also, to stop the back of the line from taking over the sidewalk to get a glimpse of the sidewalk activity, which, so far, is none.

8:02am: Headed in! See you on the other side! Stay tuned for a full report.
· The Barneys Warehouse Sale Is Back. This Is Not a Drill. [Racked NY]

Barneys Warehouse Sale

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Metropolitan Pavilion

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