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60+ Photos From the Barneys Warehouse Sale's Women's Side

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First up from today's Barneys Warehouse sample sale is a rundown of the women's merchandise. As we noted in an earlier post, the ladies have less to browse than the men do, and the apparel is overwhelmingly from the house label. But special items, though splurgy, are hidden in plain site.

As usual, all items are individually marked. To get a good idea of what you'll be paying (and saving) across most categories, scroll through the gallery above, where items are marked with their current prices (and original, where available).

If you think you'll be taking a big haul from this sale, grab a clear shopping tote to the right of the entrance. The women's merchandise is in the front area and starts with two large racks of specialty items—more on those later.

To the right of these are racks with blouses, sweaters, and cardigans. Most items range between $100 and $200 here, depending on the label and the material. Sleeveless blouses from the Barneys label started at $99, while a knit sweater from Helmut went for $119 and and Rag & Bone denim-looking button-down is $129. Other non-Barneys labels we saw mixed in here include Derek Lam, Vena Cava, and A.L.C.

Blazers and jackets took up two racks here—a coral and black Rag & Bone-designed blazer for the house label was $159, and a gray jacket with black sleeves and an asymmetrical front zipper, also from the Barneys label, was the same price.

Next to these started the pants selection, like a slouchy army-green BNY pair for $119 and black Derek Lam trousers for $300 (down from $750). There was a pretty basic color selection—lots of black and muted shades of brown, red, green, and blue.

Skinnier pant styles that straddle the line between denim and trousers had their own racks, like an Acne white pair with a black print resembling a monkey (because, sure.) for $109. Behind that was a table and a half full of denim, laid out in piles by size. Brands here include Barneys, Acne, Rag & Bone, Frame, Current/Elliot, AG Adriano Goldschmied—they range in price from $79 for Barneys pairs to $149 for certain AGs.

Now, about that special merchandise. If you're looking for high-end labels, you'll find it in two sections: the two racks right at the entrance, and the orange tag merchandise section before the shoes. In the latter section, we found a Dolce and Gabbana dress for $199, an Isabel Marant skirt for $59m and several Vera Wang bridal gowns—these were wrapped in garment bags, but certain styles were going for as little as $1,299 and ran up to $2,199.

Other not-so-pricey labels were in here as well, like a Theory tee-shirt dress for $79, a skirt from Ohne Titel for $39—and, of course, more Barneys pieces. Be sure to check for damages here—many of these pieces looked pre-worn, and some even had return receipts attached to them.

The racks at the front had the most recognizable labels—and, therefore, the highest prices. Merchandise here did not appear to be damaged or pre-worn, save for a slightly ripped Fendi dress for $749. Some of the nicer Barneys pieces were in the mix here, like a blue lace dress with a nude slip for $99, down from $349.

In this section, we also found a silk brocade Dries van Noten blazer for $379, an intricately sequined L'Wren Scott dress for $1,369, and a very large sack dress from The Row for $519.

Separating the men's and women's stock are tables of purses and other accessories. Brands that dominated here included Deux Lux, with sequined totes in black and tan for $109 and matching clutches for $49.There was also a few very chic dark green snakeskin-print bags from this label, resembling a miniature doctor's satchel, for only $59.

Other than Deux Lux, Rebecca Minkoff and Marc by Marc Jacobs dominated these tables. Minkoff's hard clutches in a variety of patterns were going for $159, down from $295, while a small and sleek black tote with metal studs on the straps was $165.

Besides purses, smaller accessories included Marc by Marc Jacobs and Gryson wallets, a tiny selection of iPad cases, and sunglasses that were kept locked in a glass case.

Toward the back of the accessories selection are hats and scarves of various weights, most from the Barneys label. With prices as high as $85 for a featherweight printed scarf, you're better off spending your money elsewhere.

At the very end of the rectangular sale space are the shoes. Here is where women finally dominate over men—they've got a much larger selection that ranges from super-high heels to chunky boots. As in previous sales, you'll find a single shoe on the metal racks, and a sales associate will fetch you its mate.

Once again, there's plenty of the Barneys label here, which is your best bet for affordability—a short boot from the Co-op label is $109. But if you were planning on finding something really special at this sale (and paying appropriately for it), the shoe department is your best bet.

Labels that we spotted include Tabitha Simmons, Giuseppe Zanotti, Prada, and Manolo Blahnik—specifically, a brown snakeskin pump that we saw in a few sizes for $1,839, down from $4,600. Other styles we liked included a very stereotypical Prada heel from $339, down from $950; Marni's heeled version of a loafer for $449, and a Chloé wedge boot that looks like the fashion interpretation of Timberlands, going for $309.

Finally, there's a small selection of infant and children's clothing, ranging from the basic (a Barneys button-down checkered shirt for $42) to the dressy (a Little Marc Jacobs sequin dress for $311, down from $518). The home goods section that's barely worth mentioning—we saw some hardcover coffee table books, tired-looking throw pillows, various dishware, and stuffed, knitted versions of the Eiffel tower.

There's really no need to run over to this sale anytime soon—though staff told us that they'll be restocking every day, it's safe to expect a lot more merchandise from the house label. If you're looking for pricey fall basics, however, this may be your spot. There's fitting rooms for both men and women, and there wasn't a line when we walked out this morning.

We'll be writing up a sale report for the men's section this afternoon, so stay tuned. See the Dealfeed below for more sale information—it'll be running through Labor Day.
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