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The Crumbs Saga Continues: Giant Cupcakes Plot Comeback

Image via Crumbs
Image via Crumbs

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There's no shortage of cupcakes in New York City, but there is a gap in the cupcakes-bigger-than-your-face market, ever since that fateful day in July when Crumbs announced—with 24 hours' notice!—that they'd be closing all their stores.

Well, it looks like the company is getting a second chance. Our sister site Eater reports that Marcus Lemonis just won his bid for Crumbs, after no one else attempted to beat the CNBC host's $6.5 million offer. Much like the chain's shuttering, the reopening will be quick—Crumbs plans to start getting their stores up and running again on August 26th.

Crumbs 2.0 isn't going to be the cupcake-only bakery we remember, though. Lemonis plans to throw some of his own brands—including Key West Key Lime Pie, Matt's Cookies, and Dippin' Dots—into the mix. Which means cupcakes topped with flash-frozen ice cream balls could be in our future.
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