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Guys Can Get to Work at the Barneys Warehouse Sale

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We headed back to the Barneys Warehouse sample sale this afternoon to check out the men's merchandise. As previously mentioned, guy's stock definitely trumped the women's selection in all categories, with the exception of shoes. Girls might actually want to take a look into the men's section for themselves—especially the accessories.

Nearly half of the men's sale space is devoted to blazers, button-down shirts, and suits. Most of the blazers come in black and muted shades of brown, khaki and navy, with some heather versions thrown in for good measure. Prices range from $199 for the Barneys' label jackets to $539 for high-quality Italian wool versions. Notable names we found in this section include Giorgio Armani, Hugo Boss, and Ralph Lauren.

The blazer section seamlessly melds into suits, which are largely available in the same colors and also broken down by size. We spotted several of the same Elie Tahari suit in navy for $649, as well as a Hugo Boss style for the same price.

Finally, the dress shirts are organized in cardboard boxes on a long set of tables by neck sizes. Nearly everything in here is from the Barneys label and is $95. You'll find the same patterns—solid white, various shades of blue (both solid and patterned), and purple checks among them—across nearly all sizes.

Beyond these are trousers available in the same colors as the blazers, laid out by size. Certain styles of the BNY label are $59, while pairs from Hugo Boss and Michael Kors are $139 (the Boss styles are down from $260) and pants from Ermenegildo Zegna are $199.

Other pant styles, including denim available in every color of the rainbow, take up several hanging racks and act as the barrier between the men's and women's section. Here we found Acne blue jeans for $149, Zegna acid wash styes for $219, red jeans from 3x1 for $99, and burgundy AG Adriano Goldschmied‎ denim, also for $99.

Lots of pairs we picked up here were missing their price tags—be sure to check with a sales staff on what it should be marked as before heading to the register.

Further down, shoppers will find sweaters in cardboard boxes organized by size. While staff kept these nicely folded, the boxes made it difficult to dig for different styles. Sitting at the top of the boxes were a Michael Kors gray wool sweater for $129 (down from $195), a Todd Synder knit sweater for $227, and a Barbour pullover for $139. Barneys label wool was abundant in here—that was going for $99.

Another area where guys trump the girls is in outerwear—they've got several racks dedicated to coats of various weights, perfect for going from early fall into the depths of winter. Favorites here included a Barneys dark green jacket with a single black shoulder patch for $269 (down from $525), a John Varvatos suede jacket for $329 (from $698), a Michael Kors vest for $199, and a Basco (the Barneys Sportswear Company) burgundy varsity jacket with leather sleeveless from $769. The piece that stood out the most here was a buttery-soft Armani Collezioni leather jacket for $799.

At the very back of the men's section, right in front of the fitting room, is a small collection of miscellaneous tees, long sleeves, and patterned button-downs. Labels here include lots of Barneys, John Varvatos, Michael Kors, Gant, and Alexander Olch. Most of the price tags we pulled out hovered at $100 and went up from there.

There's also two racks of swimwear, with several brightly-colored Onia trunks were $79, Salt Box styles were $49, and a single pair from Swimology from $108.

The orange tag merchandise section, directly in front of the dressing room, can really be skipped over. We saw a pair of J Brand burgundy corduroys for $49, a pair of Shipley Halmos peach pants for $39, and a single Giorgio Armani blue-checkered button-down for $79. There were also several plain Barneys label shirts for $39. Notably, nothing appeared to be damaged here.

The accessories section for men is something girls can envy. In the furthermost corner is a selection of luggage from Brics, both soft- and hard-case. Available in two sizes, the smaller ones are $269 and the larger ones are $399. Against the wall on a large table are several man bags, including totes, laptop carriers, and weekend bags—but we had a lot of trouble finding price tags in the styles we picked up.

Ties are available in every color, every shade of a color, and every pattern available. Styles from Barneys started at $44, while those from labels like Alexander Olch, Prada, and Duchamp went as high as $79. This table also held a small selection of bow ties and pocket squares.

Women may want to come check out the scarf selection over here—there's enviable chenille pieces from Barneys in muted colors for $179 that are beyond soft. Solid-colored merino wool scarves are $79 and patterned ones are $89, while lightweight solid-colored silk scarves are $69. Many of these would translate as unisex styles. One table over, there's lots of socks in solid colors from Barneys for $19.

Last—and maybe least—shoes. While guys generally had the advantage at this sale, their footwear selection was a bit of a snooze. An overwhelming number of the loafers and brogues on offer—in predictable brown and black, leather and suede—were from the Barneys label, and ranged in price from $159 to $190.

Other labels we saw here include Nike (like black Air Force Ones for $89), Jack Parcell for Converse sneakers (in gray or red for $49, down from $100), John Varvatos, Church's, Pierre Hardy. There was also a single Balenciaga pair of loafers.

The men's section was well-staffed, especially in the suiting section to help with sizing, and kept orderly as we shopped. As we previously noted in our women's coverage, they will be restocking daily. Also noteworthy: there was no line when we entered and exited the sale early this afternoon.

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