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Three Boutiques, Three Get-Down PS1 Dance Party Looks

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Welcome to Dress Code, a feature where we pick a New York event and ask three of our favorite shops to solve the what-do-I-even-wear-to-that dilemma.

A sneak peek at The Rising States' look

Ain't no party like a museum dance party 'cause a museum dance party…is full of people who think about things like color theory while planning their outfits. This week we challenged three of our favorite boutiques—Spiritual America, Mary Meyer, and The Rising States—to style looks for PS1's Warm Up, a weekly concert series held in the MoMA outpost's courtyard.

While the shops all agree on two points—hands-free bags and serious shades are key—the get-ups run the gamut from booty shorts and vintage denim to breezy shirt-dresses in painterly prints. See (and shop!) their picks, this way.

Where: Spiritual America
What: Jerome Dreyfuss 'Bobi' purse, $789; 10 Crosby Derek Lam tiered dress, $379; Jil Sander Navy ankle strap sandals, $199; Dusen Dusen sunglasses, $99; Giles & Brother silver spike cuff, $55
Why: "This look is all about hard meets soft—from the light, airy dress's graphic pattern, to the edgy sandals paired with the more feminine purse, to the mix of nail cuffs and cat-eye shades," store owner Claire Lemetais said of the outfit she styled for friend Anne-Marie. "It takes Anne-Marie from day to night, partying in perfect balance."

Where: Mary Meyer
What: Mary Meyer 'Surf' tank, $62; Mary Meyer shorts, $29; Lila Rice earrings, $149; Southwestern ring, $49; A.J. Morgan sunglasses, $15; Friends Vintage jean jacket, $42; Friends Vintage see-through backpack, $29
Why: "For a fun dance party you want to be able to romp around, so we did a look with booty shorts and a loose tank," Mary Meyer said of the look she and her Friends Vintage partner Emma Kadar Penner styled together. (Yes, Mary has two stores—Friends Vintage is attached to her namesake boutique.) "The backpack is perfect for all your party essentials, and Warm Up is an outdoor day event—so you can't forget your sunnies!"

Where: The Rising States
What: Brookes Boswell 'Savoy' hat, $220; Tilly & William tank, $125; Etienne Derœux 'Manon' skirt, $408; Sunday Somewhere 'Soelae' glasses, $240; Imago-A 'No. 2 Prism' mini, $395; Aoko Su 'Half Moon' cuff, $175; FARIS 'Circle' bracelet, $198
Why: "This top is made of the most amazing fabric—it has enough stretch and strength to go sans bra yet does not create uni-boob," The Rising States' Meagan Delaney said of the tank she chose for sales associate Michelle. "It truly feels like you're wearing nothing. The contrasts of colors, angles and textures in the Panama hat, geo-blocked bag and insane sun-ray-pleat skirt make this outfit so striking while still being incredibly easy to rock."
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