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Hottest Trainer Contestant #15: Brookelyn Suddell

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Welcome to Racked New York's search for New York City's hottest trainer. Over the coming weeks, we'll profile sixteen smoking locals—fitness experts who not only look hot in spandex, but can make you look amazing too. Once you've gotten to know everyone, we'll host a March Madness-style showdown in which readers vote for their favorites. Let the games begin!

Photos by Sean Gomes for Racked

Brookelyn Suddell is busy, just like every New Yorker. When she's not teaching classes like Chisel, Pole Dancing, and Anti-Gravity Yoga at Crunch gyms throughout the city, she's working her 9-to-5 job, "Kangoo-ing" her way around the city, and preparing for upcoming bikini fitness competitions. She's also busy busting stereotypes: "I teach pole dancing. No, I'm not a stripper. No, I don't encourage my students to strip. And no, my class isn't a bunch of girls in sports bras, panties, and seven-inch heels, booty-popping," she tells us. Suddell emphasizes the "power, coordination, and grace" of the tricky maneuvers in each class.

Not to mention, she's busy being an inspiration to her own family. "When I started changing my diet for upcoming competitions, my mom decided to start 'cooking clean' at home for her and my dad. With nutritional and exercise guidance from myself and another diet outlet, my parents—for the first time in their 27 years of marriage—have successfully lost a significant amount of weight and have been able to keep it off." Read on to learn what Suddell keeps in her gym bag, her two-pronged stance on gym selfies, and the athletic career she'd otherwise be pursuing right now.

Fitness advice you swear by?
Learn what it feels like to be breathless.

Gym selfies: yay or nay?
If you're just finishing your workout and showcasing your sweaty gym clothes, makeup running down your face, and a post-butt-kicking smile, then yes!If you're flexing in full hair and makeup, taking up mirror space while other people are trying to lift, then put the phone away.

Favorite celebrity body?
Kym Johnson—a fellow Aussie and dancer!

If you weren't a trainer, you'd be a...
An acrobat!

What's always in your gym bag?
A dry post-workout shirt, bottle of Dry Hands, deodorant, lifting gloves, and a forearm sweatband to hold my phone.

Biggest gym pet peeve?
People using machines or weights and sitting on their phones, going on Facebook in between sets.

Food you'd do 50 burpees for?
A Stroopwafel over a cup of coffee. A Stroopwafel is basically two super0thin waffle-like
cookies held together with a layer of caramel. You put the Stroopwafel over your hot coffee so it heats up the caramel and makes it a melty, caramel-y, delicious "coffee-mate."

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