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What Is a Dash With Nary a Kardashian?

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Image via the New York Times
Image via the New York Times

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The eternal question: If a Dash boutique is open, and not one Kardashian shows up, will people still care? The answer is a resounding "Yes. Bible," according to the New York Times, who dutifully checked in on Dash's Southampton pop-up this week. The store was "teeming with people," though "few seemed to be buying," and the only reality star on-hand was Jonathan Cheban—a sometimes-presence on Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

So who showed up to contemplate purchasing $518 caftan dresses before putting them back and getting ice cream instead? 17-to-28-year-old Long Islanders and their moms, it seems. Here are some things they said, in order of enthusiasm.

"I think the town should have paid them to be here."

"I'm sure some of the show is staged, but they seem like fun to be around."

"O.K. girls, let's get our 1 Oak outfits."

"Some of the clothes aren't bad."

"There's nothing that really stands out."

"You can find a lot of those brands at Bloomingdale's for half the price."
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