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Reebok Fit Hub Opens in Union Square—CrossFit Coming Soon

Photo courtesy of Reebok Fit Hub
Photo courtesy of Reebok Fit Hub

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And in more grand opening news today, Reebok Fit Hub officially opened its third New York City location at Union Square this morning. Though the brand has been heavily associated with CrossFit as of late—there's one opening right next door in September—the retail store carries activewear for a variety of sports, including running, yoga, dance and more.

However, the space is very reminiscent of how a box—what CrossFitters call their gyms—tends to look: Reebok even used the same flooring as other gyms. Clothes are hanging off of steel and wooden fixtures that emulate the training equipment, and there's even rings and kettle balls dotted around.

A highlight of the store is the customization station just inside the entrance, where customers can silkscreen any piece of clothing bought in the store with one of several design options totally free of charge.

Interested in checking this all out? Head over for tonight's grand opening, where former CrossFit Games champion Annie Thorisdottor and her trainer, Frederik Aegidius—who will both be head coaches at CrossFit Union Square—will be greeting customers.

And just across the street, but on the other side of the fitness spectrum, is Planet Fitness—signage is now up for the budget gym that signed a lease at 22 East 14th Street back in April.
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Reebok Fit Hub

1 Union Square West New York, 10003