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Williamsburg Might Be Getting a Boozy Starbucks

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Williamsburg's first Starbucks. Image via DNAInfo.
Williamsburg's first Starbucks. Image via DNAInfo.

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Williamsburg's much-discussed Starbucks just opened its doors this month, and already there's talk of a second, boozier outpost.

The coffee mega-chain has its eye on 154 Bedford Avenue, DNAInfo reports. And, much like Urban Outfitters before them, they're asking Community Board 1's approval for a beer and liquor license.

This doesn't mean Williamsburg-dwellers will be able to spike their to-go Oprah Teavana Chais, but, if all goes according to plan, they will be able to order things like Pinot Noir and truffle macaroni and cheese. Imagine: "I have a Grande Chardonnay for Ashley! Ashley?"
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