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Novis's Designer Found Her Favorite Dress In a Basement

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In Throwback Thursday, we're asking our friends in the fashion industry to tell us about the one piece of clothing they could never throw out—prom dresses, first date outfits, and clothes from the '90s are all fair game.

Novis designer Jordana Warmflash describes herself as "an old soul." So it's no surprise that the Racked Young Gun's favorite dress—and the one thing in her closet she'll never throw away—is vintage. Read on for the super-sweet story behind it.

"The dress is a vintage dress that belonged to my mom when she was young. I found the dress when I was helping my mom clean out my grandparents basement. The dress fit me perfectly but was unfortunately very discolored. I took the dress to get restored and cleaned up and now it's one of my favorite pieces!"—reporting by Paula Ya-Jen Ho
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