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Metalheads Rejoice: SyncStudio Debuts 'Full Metal Cycling' Class

Photo by <a href="">Rebecca Dale</a>
Photo by Rebecca Dale

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Sweating to Beyonce and sweating to Slayer yield two different types of endorphin highs. The first is a "I could probably perform complex choreography in six-inch heels," sort of feeling while the second is more of a "I could probably bend a pipe with my bare hands," rush. If the latter is your thing (or if you just prefer your workout soundtrack sans club sirens), you might want to check out SyncStudio's "Full Metal Cycling" class, which debuts this Thursday at 7:15pm. (Tagline: Blood will rain from the ceiling.)

Taught by metalhead Sync instructor Halston Bruce (who would like to note that, despite having "a masculine name," she is not "a large hairy bearded dude"), the Williamsburg studio's $25 session features music by Iron Maiden, Manowar, Bolt Thrower, Metallica, and Black Sabbath.

For a preview, we suggest playing this clip (sound off)...

...and this one (turned up to 11), simultaneously.

\m/Don't forget your water bottle.\m/
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