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GIF Me Those Abs! Five At-Home Moves From Westside Pilates

All Photo GIFs by <a href="http://drielys.com">Driely S.</a> for Racked</span></p>
All Photo GIFs by Driely S. for Racked

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Welcome to Workout Wednesday: every hump-day, we'll be rounding up some of the city's hottest fitness trends and studios.

All photos GIFs by Driely S. for Racked

Thanks to the never-ending crop top trend, achieving and maintaining a flash-worthy middle is de rigeur all year round. And doing a quick at-home ab workout, with zero equipment and minimal space required, is pretty much a no-brainer for busy New Yorkers. But doing them properly to reap the benefits? That requires a little know-how.

Ahead, Adrianne Yurgosky of Westside Pilates, a fitness studio that opened on the Upper West Side this winter, breaks down five super simple moves that'll target your midsection. And, since reading about exercises—and how to maintain the right form while doing them—is kind of like following a game of Twister, here are her signature moves in GIFs, for your infinite-looping pleasure.

Exercise 1: Legs Around the World

Lying down on your back, bring your knees into your chest. Extend the legs, and rotate them around in a circle, reversing the circle each time.
Tip: Shoulders should stay pressed on the mat, but your hips can lift to help you manuever.

Exercise 2: The Fold

Lying down on your back, raise your arms above your head and curl up. Reach over your toes, and roll back down.
Tip: Keep your navel pulled in, and try to articulate the spine by going one vertebrae at a time.

Exercise 3: Toe Taps

Lying down on your back, bring your knees up into a tabletop position. Keeping the legs bent, lower one leg down until your big toe touches the floor, and then return it to tabletop. Repeat on the other side.
Tip: Do not let your back arch—stop just when you begin to feel it lifting.

Exercise 4: Straight as an Arrow

Lying down on your back, curl your upper and stick your legs straight in the air. Holding onto your right leg, lower the left leg down while keeping it straight, then bring it back up. Switch to the other side.

Exercise 5: The Leg Crunch

Lying down on your back, curl your arms and shoulders up, placing your hands behind your head. Raise your legs straight up and then lower to a 45 degree angle. Raise them back up while your upper body stays curled.
Tip: Go as low as you can without your back arching—you'll be able to go farther over time.

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Westside Pilates

251 W 91st St, New York, NY 10024