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It's Happening: J. Crew to Make Its Williamsburg Debut

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Image via J. Crew
Image via J. Crew

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It's been two years since we first heard chatter about J. Crew setting its sights on Williamsburg, and now we can finally put the speculation to rest. We have a where (234 Wythe Avenue) and a when (mid-September), along with a few crucial details about the store's façade.

While Jenna Lyons and Co. aren't pulling an Urban Outfitters and totally revamping J. Crew's Williamsburg outpost to blend in with the neighborhood, they are camouflaging it a bit with graffiti by artist Greg Lamarche. "We asked, 'Who is a local artist who might be able to help us tell people we're coming in a way that's not obvious and might be able to reference that graffiti sensibility,' " Lyons told T Magazine of the decision.

Lamarche isn't the only local J. Crew commissioned to decorate the space—expect to see pastel concrete stools by Amma Studios in the dressing rooms, mixed-media works by Johannes Girardoni behind the registers, and a mural of a tropical jungle scene, courtesy of Naomi Reis.

As for what Hannah Horvath would think (Lyons played Lena Dunham's character's boss on Girls), the J. Crew creative director imagines she'd be "thrilled." "I would never postulate what she would possibly say, but she seems to be a J.Crew devotee. Whether she wears the right size or not on the show, that's a whole other thing."
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