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Spin, Plié, Train, Sweat, Smile: Inside the New BFX Studio

Image via Facebook/<a href="">BFX Studio</a></span></p>
Image via Facebook/BFX Studio

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Welcome to Workout Wednesday: every hump-day, we'll be rounding up some of the city's hottest fitness trends and studios.

A sleek black exterior adorned with three primary-colored symbols draws the attention of passersby on a recent rainy evening in Chelsea. They pause to peer through the glass windows, examining the latest addition to the neighborhood. That addition is BFX Studio, a gym that offers several types of group classes and comprehensive personal training. In sum, it really lives up to its acronym: Boutique Fitness Experience.

Ever been burned out from doing the same workout over and over? That won't happen at BFX. Among their signature offerings are Ride Republic, indoor cycling classes designed by Spinning international master instructor Josh Taylor (as in the real, trademarked deal); and Master Class, with programs ranging from a yoga-Pilates hybrid to barre to TRX to HIIT to dance. That enough options for you?

Image via Instagram/@bfxstudio

The Spinning studio features stadium seating and more room between the bikes than your average indoor cycling spot. But what makes it really special is its giant projection screens, which Taylor explained could display running cheetahs, the Tour de France—pretty much anything that'll get you riding harder. And the Spinning-registered bikes are pretty snazzy too, with wheels that light up as you ride and a digital screen affixed at the handlebars, measuring your resistance and output.

Planning to take a ride? The studio doesn't provide clip-ins—you can bring your own, or ride in regular sneakers with cages attached to the pedals.

A recent Master Class, via Instagram/@bfxstudio

Across from here is the Master Class studio, which comes stocked with comfy mats, brightly-colored kettleballs and free weights, yoga blocks, and basically everything else you could ever want to get your sweat on with.

A recent barre class taught in here by Amanda Butler started off with floor exercises atypical for a ballet-inspired class: lunges and various versions of mountain climbers, all performed on sliding pads. But the routine quickly got back to its dance roots—leg lifts performed at the bar quickly escalated to series of pliés and relevés accessible to all fitness levels.

Down a short flight of stairs is where the Private Session personal training takes place, complete with its own information desk. An initial assessment of your fitness goals matches you with an Xpert trainer, who can utilize treadmills, a TRX station, weight machines, Pilates reformers, and more in your 55-minute session.

Image via Facebook/BFX Studio

Aside from the classes, the studio offers some pretty tech-y amenities, like a tablet station you can use to browse your BFX account (and the Internet in general), and touch screen check-in where you can scan your membership card, see who's already arrived for your class, and look up the class schedule to decide how you'll sweat next.

Looking to take your fitness up a notch? Utilize their wearable technology, which measures heart rate whether you're working out at BFX or otherwise, and data can be uploaded to your account for the studio.

Interested in trying the boutique fitness experience? Purchase a single class for $30, or dive into unlimited classes for a month with the special rate of $199. And if Chelsea isn't convenient for you, there's a Financial District outpost slated to open this fall.
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