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Anklets For All: The Summery '90s Trend Worth Rebooting

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Image via Olsens Anonymous
Image via Olsens Anonymous

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Next up in the steady stream of '90s trend resurgence is the humble anklet. The piece—essentially a bracelet for your ankle, in case you missed it—comes in two flavors these days. The first is full-on tween throwback: Think rubber "tattoo" styles, peace sign charms, and tiny dolphins. The other option is super fine chains with delicate gemstones, right in line with the nearly-invisible-jewelry movement.

We've gathered a healthy range across the spectrum of modern day anklet styles after the jump, from a $5 Delia's find to a pair of Jacquie Aiche selects that make the case for elegant in the world of ankle jewelry.

This way for the anklets >>


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