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Cover Your Chair With Another Nicer Chair at Beam

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Everyone has an ugly chair, or a chair that the cat has claimed as a scratching post, or a chair that's fine, but just isn't reaching its full potential, cute-wise. Luckily, Williamsburg home goods store Beam has stepped in with a collection of trompe l'oeil slipcovers that are well-designed enough to snap up even if you haven't spilled red wine on three out of four kitchen seat cushions.

The chair costumes, which run the design gamut from plush Victorian to Midcentury modern, are digitally printed from photos, meaning they're almost realistic enough to pass for the real deal. But, unlike actual upholstery, you can pop them in the washing machine, or fold them up and store them away when you're bit by the redecorating bug at 2am. Pick up one—or a whole dining room's worth—for $99 each.
· Beam [Official Site]