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Damien Hirst's Soho Store: Splatter Paint Skulls, $40 Toilet Paper

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Welcome back to What's In Store, a Racked feature where we fill you in on what's in stock at the city's best stores right this second.

Shopping at Other Criteria, Damien Hirst's first-ever venture into US retail (the artist has concept shops in London and Devon), is like entering a mini museum of his greatest hits. There are his signature pill compositions (decorating $35 tote bags and $900 wallpaper rolls), a formaldehyde shark splashed across tee shirts, and—oh look!—Hirst's butterflies, on everything from pencils to foilblock prints.

But Hirst also uses the Soho space to showcase buyable works by his artist pals. Like Jane Simpson, whose $500 silicone kitchenware looks like the real deal…until you pick up a butter knife and it goes floppy. Or Tim Noble and Sue Webster, purveyors of $40 art toilet paper (they're smiling at you from every square). See Other Criteria's gallery-worthy goods after the jump.

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