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The Rag and Bone Sample Sale: Surveying What's Left for Women

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We took a second look at this week's Rag and Bone sample sale, which is wrapping up tomorrow. When we got there last night, the scene was chaotic, clothing was everywhere, and the staff was busy putting everything back in its place. Some racks look untouched and remained fairly organized, while others were a hodgepodge of pants, skirts, tops, and so on.

We found some of our favorite pieces that are currently on sale online and a bit cheaper at the sale, including the Lyon dress for $195, and a couple of silky white Mona tops for $115 (check for stains!) Skim the racks by the dressing room, because this is where the staff seemed to be putting back some of the clothes.

In the middle of the room, there are still plenty of tops and sweaters, like the Rita Boyfriend pullover in navy and charcoal heather.

In the women's shoe section, the stock seems to have dissipated compared to day one, and the three wooden shelves that hold most of the flats and sandals has been downsized to one shelf. We counted about 30 styles of shoes left. We saw some Newbury booties in navy and in tan or black suede.

There are Dalton boots in black and also some leather Harrow booties in navy as well. We also spotted a couple of pairs of Cantor and Windsor flats in orange suede or tanned leather. Due to the set up, we couldn't access what sizes are left for each style, but we saw that there are still a fair amount of boxes stacked in the back. By the shoes, we also saw a box full of leather bracelets and cotton scarves that some shoppers may have missed.

In the leather accessories and handbags area, we found a good amount of P Zip pouches in burgundy as well as a ton of large Pilot bags in moss. We also spotted coin purses, these Pilot clutches, and a few large black canvas and leather duffle bags.

It seemed like there was an infinite amount of hats left. There are lots of floppy brim styles and wool Tribly hats in a variety of dark colors. Larger hats perfect for the beach were also hanging around. If you're looking for leather belts, we saw plenty in a variety of shapes (thin, wide, pony hair) and sizes all mixed together.

The sale ends tomorrow at 410 W. 16th Street, and we haven't heard anything yet about further markdowns.—Hsini
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