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Thread, Tweeze, Wax: Eight Crucial Salons for Eyebrow Shaping

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Well-groomed eyebrows are the backbone of your face, which is why spending the extra time to find the right salon for you is key. New York City's beauty scene has endless options, whether you're looking to replicate brow goddess Cara Delevingne's bold arches or something a little less dramatic.

From threading to tweezing to waxing, we've pulled together the eight best salons to help you achieve flawless brows. See them all, broken down by category, in the map below.—Mina Shaghaghi

Image via Browhaus

Best For Threading

Browhaus, 56 Spring Street
The sister salon to Strip: Ministry of Waxing has a reputation for the innovative services it offers in addition to the traditional thread and tweeze. For those who suffer from sparse brow syndrome, the salon offers the aptly-named Brow Resurrection: a natural, semi-permanent treatment that constructs an ideal brow based on your face shape.

If you're looking for a basic threading session, take note: now through June 30th, new clients can score a signature thread and tweeze session for just $13 (regular price $27).

Thread Salon, multiple locations
The estheticians here are seasoned experts in this ancient art of hair removal, so rest assured that you're in good hands. Holding true to their guiding principle that beauty routines should be simple and inexpensive, an eyebrow shaping session rings up at a very budget-friendly $8. The salon also offers henna, if you're in the mood for a little art to go along with your newly groomed brows.

Wink; photo by Driely S.

Wink Brow Bar, 7 Greenwich Avenue
Owner Umbreen Sheikh wants to get you excited about threading. Her West Village salon caters to the client who "cherishes the details" and offers everything from tinting to post-thread temple massages. If you find yourself in a brow emergency before a big client meeting, you can also book an appointment to have a brow artisan arrive at your office. Threading, $19.

Hibba Beauty, multiple locations
The self-proclaimed "Green Beauty Experts" at Hibba have one goal in mind: perfection. Taking their cue from salon founder Hibba Kapil—who hails from India and was the go-to threader in her hometown—the estheticians are professionals in the realm of browology.

Brows are threaded with respect to their natural shape in order to enhance your features, and the salon lives up to its mission of providing customers with a calming, pleasant Ayurvedic spa experience. Threading by Hibba Kapil is $30, and all other estheticians are $15.

Image via Boom Boom Brow Bar

Best For Tweezing

Boom Boom Brow Bar, 35 Seventh Avenue
If you'd like your brow tweezing session to be served with a side of sass, step right into this funky West Village spot. From the playful sign on the door to the plush pink accents inside, it's the ultimate girly-girl retreat. But don't let that fool you—the brow experts here know how to get the job done.

Their specialty: big, bold brows. And plan your trip accordingly: get a complimentary lip wax with your brow appointment every weekday between 4pm and 5pm. You can also catch the salon at these Ricky's stores. Tweezing, $28.

Frédéric Fekkai, 712 Fifth Avenue, 4th Floor
It's a splurge, but if you're especially particular about your brows or even slightly squeamish at the thought of having each hair plucked one by one, do yourself a favor and book an appointment with Senior Eyebrow Expert Manana Dzhanimanova at the Frédéric Fekkai salon on Fifth Avenue.

Her warm demeanor will instantly put you at ease, and she patiently consults with you first about the look you're going for. Once those tweezers are in hand, she works with impressive speed and precision for minimal discomfort. Tweezing with Manana is $57, and all others are $50.

Image via Benefit

Best for Waxing

Benefit Brow Bar, Benefit Boutique, multiple locations
If you're looking to score a complete brow makeover, step right up to the Benefit Brow Bar. Benefit's brow artists identify your natural arch with their expert eye and work efficiently to create the best shape to complement your face with their signature wax. Added bonus: you get a free brow shaping session on your birthday. Waxing, $23.

Bliss, multiple locations
Pretty much the MVP of hair removal salons, Bliss offers a comprehensive menu of expertly performed and reasonably priced services, including, of course, eyebrow waxing. What sets the experience apart is the use of the salon's exclusive stripless Poetic Wax.

Specially heated at a low temperature, it helps minimize the ouch factor by wrapping around the hairs instead of sticking to the skin. Plus, the salon's estheticians carefully measure the specific angles of your face to ensure you achieve the perfect start, end and arch. Waxing is $35.
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