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40+ Photos from Inside this Week's J.Crew Sample Sale

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The semi-annual J.Crew overstock sale is back for another go, with loads of merchandise and a bevvy of eager shoppers. We stopped by early this morning to find long queues, overflowing racks, and the promise of tons of restocking).

Logistics first: all of the ladies and kids apparel and accessories are available at the larger 260 Fifth Avenue location. For guys' apparel and accessories, you'll need to head a few blocks south to 225 Fifth Avenue. The lines to get into the 260 Fifth location were far longer, and we expect that this will probably be the case for the duration of the sale.

Both locations feature cashmere, swimwear, footwear, coats, and bags for their designated sex. Jewelry is exclusively available at 260 Fifth. No fitting rooms or mirrors are at either location, but we didn't see staffers complaining if shoppers stripped down to try on an item or two. Also, there's no posted price list at either location—everything is priced as marked and there's generally a flat price based on the type of item.

The 260 Fifth Avenue venue was brimming with goods, and we overheard that there would be tons of restocking through the course of the sale. J.Crew Collection pieces are the priciest and are located right at the entrance of the selling floor.

The offerings looked prime and the size range decent, but we noticed one shopper flipping through these racks quickly and repeating to herself "old, old, old..." This is the only portion of the sale where there's no set pricing scale. Everything is priced as marked and the range was broad, from $80 for an embellished t-shirt to $500 for a cashmere cropped coat.

Apart from Collection items, there's plenty to catch shoppers' attention. Casual cotton and jersey dressed from J.Crew and Madewell are $30 and formal work and party dresses are $60. Bottoms (including skirts, pants, and shorts) range from $25 (for basic casual pants) to $70 (for suiting and wool pants). Cotton and wool sweaters are $35, while cashmere vests are $65 and cashmere sweaters are $90. There's a full spread of sizes across all of the styles.

Most shoppers were mobbing the footwear and accessories selection. Sneakers are $25, heels are $100, and boots are $130. The selection is pretty strong, but the best styles were already cleared out in the most popular sizes (sizes 7 through 8). Accessories start at $5 for small hair accessories and top out at $130 for medium and large leather bags. All of the jewelry is in the $10 (pins) to $60 (embellished necklaces) range.

There was also a sizeable Crew Cuts selection and we were smitten with the pricey and adorable $50 candy colored cashmere for infants. Everything else was in the $15 to $30 range.

At 225 Fifth Avenue, the story is similar and the same scaled pricing for women's wear described above carries over. The front of the sales floor is dedicated to suiting, first blazers ($120) and then pants ($70). There are rows upon rows of button-front shirts, polos, and tees in every J.Crew style imaginable. These are priced to move from $15 for basic styles to $40 for more formal dress shirts.

All of men's swimming trunks are $25. Some of the best pieces for guys are among the messenger bags and totes (ranging from $20 to $130) and the dress boots and shoes for $100.

We expect that selection will continue to vary as the sale continues and merchandise is restocked. For a snapshot of today's offerings you can check out our photo gallery above. As usual, this one is a bit of a gamble and may or may not be worth the wait. Some of these items can be found at comparable prices at J.Crew's outlets or clearance racks, but we bet you won't get the same varied selection. Plus, the scaled pricing may work in your favor.

The sale continues at both locations through Sunday, June 29th. For details on hours, check out our dealfeed.—Kiran
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