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The Ralph Lauren Sample Sale Is Well-Stocked But Pricey

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We stopped by the Ralph Lauren sample sale at Soffier Haskin this morning and managed to get inside immediately—there was no line whatsoever. Like most of the sales hosted here, the selection of luxury men's and women's apparel was still pretty expensive, despite markdowns up to 70% off.

Note that none of the items had sale prices marked, so you'll have to do some math to figure out the discounts, which we found pretty annoying.

Womenswear makes up half the sale, with ready-to-wear from Ralph Lauren, Polo Ralph Lauren, and the Denim & Supply labels. Sizes range from 0 to 16, and there was more or less an equal amount of product in each size bracket.

Most of what you'll find is high-end work wear, such as cashmere blazers for $900 (from $2,998), stretchy neutral-hued trousers for $149, and structured denim shift dresses, marked down to $209 from $695.

There is a good selection of the label's signature polos for $50 and cashmere cable-knit sweaters for $120-$210 on tables in the center of the sale space in pretty much every color you could imagine. On these tables we also found cashmere-and-silk knit tees ($112) and leather-strap knit tanks for $390 (previously $1,298).

The funkier pieces we found tended to have much higher price tags. We fell in love with one cropped embroidered jacket for $2,400—yes, that's the sale price (see it in the gallery). We also spotted a banana-yellow leather mini skirt for $779 and striped duster sweaters for $1,200 (from $3,998).

The selection of women's accessories is pretty small—expect to find printed scarves for $75 each, belts from $68 to $599, and a few handbags, including a structured leather satchel for $885. There was also some jewelry, but nothing we thought was really special or worth the splurge.

There's also a small selection of women's shoes. We found leather huarache-style slip-ons for $209 and canvas espadrilles for $89. Only a few sizes for each style are out, so you'll most likely have to ask the staff to find your size.

The men's selection is devoted strictly to clothing, and the majority of it is tailored business wear. We found lightweight wool trousers for $150, sport coats in sizes 37-50 for $359 (were $1,195), and dress shirts for $92-$140.

Dispersed throughout were some more casual picks, such as Ralph Ralph Lauren flannel oxford shirts for $59 and a few leather bomber jackets, discounted from $1,600 to $480. Like the women's section, signature polos ($68) and Black Label cashmere sweaters ($193) are also on offer in a variety of colors and cuts. Men's accessories included ties for $54 and silk pocket squares for $35.

So here's the bottom line: Because it's a luxury sale and the prices aren't that low, we'd recommend going only if you've got a seriously deep clothing budget or are a diehard Ralph Lauren fan.

There are two fitting rooms in the sale space, one for men and one for women, and staff will be restocking throughout the sale. As of now, we don't know of any further markdowns, but we will update as we hear more. The sale runs through Thursday—check out the Dealfeed below for info.
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Ralph Lauren - Rhinelander Mansion

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Soiffer Haskin

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