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Williamsburg's Toughest Wait List Is for Blankets

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If your idea of the perfect summer blanket is one of Joinery's woven cotton bedspreads, then be prepared to endure Mansur-Gavriel-levels of wait list purgatory.

The $160 bedding, which is designed by Joinery's owner and hand-made by a group of artisans in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, is shipped to the South Williamsburg store in batches of 15 every month or so. And, since Joinery just capped off their list of bedspread-owning hopefuls when it hit 3,000, the odds of scoring one aren't exactly in your favor.

The workaround: The shop sets aside a certain number of their blankets to be sold in-store and online, and they announce new shipments via their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. So, if the bedding pops up in your feed, you have, like, twenty minutes to book it to South 1st Street or order from their website.

And, yes, now that Joinery knows they have a hit on their hands, they're taking steps to make those Kinfolk-photo-shoot-ready bedspreads more available. The owner has hired four more weavers to work in the Minas Gerais studio, and is in the process of replacing their antique looms with newer models that cause less physical strain. The shop is also working with Brazilian customs to make the shipping process a bit more efficient.

If you do manage to get one in the next few weeks, you may as well pick up a lotto ticket on your way home, too—the stars have clearly aligned.
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