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Three Vintage Boutiques, Three Jazz Age Lawn Party Looks

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Welcome to Dress Code, a feature where we pick a New York event and ask three of our favorite shops to solve the what-do-I-even-wear-to-that dilemma.

A sneak peek at Amarcord's look.

Start practicing your Charleston! The Jazz Age Lawn Party, aka Gatsby cosplay, returns to Governors Island this weekend, bringing thousands of seersucker-loving, parasol-twirling revelers with it.

In case you don't have a perfectly preserved flapper dress or an extra-long strand of pearls hanging in your closet, we turned to three of our favorite vintage boutiques—Amarcord, Screaming Mimi's, and Antoinette—to pull together some last-minute, shoppable, Prohibition-era looks.

Where: Antoinette
What: 1920's silk dress, $200; 1920-30's Amalfi Imperiale by Rangoni leather pointed kitten heels, $65; 1920's beaded clutch with secret handle, $85
Why: "The ethereal dress is breezy and perfect for Summer weather, and the kitten heels allow for comfortable dancing all day long," owner Lexi Oliveri says of the look she styled on sales associate Sabina Mamedova. "The clutch is roomy enough for your iPhone and your quintessential '20s red lipstick." Bonus: "The silhouette is timeless enough to be worn all season long."

Where: Screaming Mimi's
What: Pink lace 1920's dress, price upon request; Reproduction deco rhinestone headpiece, $85; Cotton lace parasol, $49; Vintage gloves, $28; 1920's mesh handbag, $125; Marcasite heart necklace, $125; Marcasite bracelet, $195; Louise Brooks wig $45
Why: "The Jazz Age Lawn Party is all about daytime glamour and elegance, so for our friend Alice's look we pulled inspiration from a few of our favorite beauties of the 1920's: Louise Brooks, Clara Bow, and Anita Page," owner Laura Wills says. "This original 1920's pink lace drop waist gown looks stunning paired with a simple set of ivory gloves and delicate marcasite jewelry."

Where: Amarcord (Soho location)
What: Vintage fishnet hat, $45; Vintage 1960's rhinestone earrings, $70; Vintage 1950's rhinestone bag, $120, Christian Dior pearl sautoir, $725; 1920's floral chiffon dress and shawl, $900; Shoes, employee's own
Why: "We chose this look because it's the perfect mix of daytime and nighttime glam," says e-commerce manager, Veronica Norris. "While having a blast at the Jazz Age Lawn Party, once shouldn't have to worry about their ensemble."
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