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Beautiful Spots for Engagement Photos Beyond Central Park

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The Williamsburg Bridge. Photo by Leon R. Photo

There are so many other places besides Central Park to have your engagement photos taken, despite what your Facebook feed may tell you. New York City and its surrounding towns are full (full!) of beautiful, charming, sweet, quirky, and weird places to stage a romantic photo op, so why not pick one that's a little unconventional?

This year, we asked five local photographers to share their favorite places to shoot engagement photos. The list includes small towns outside of the city with beautiful views, streets with built-in graffiti backdrops, and a recreation of one of the most famous album covers of all time.

Photo by Susan Shek Photography

↑ Bushwick: "This area is really special to me because it's off the beaten path, and unless you're looking for street art, that's the only way anyone would find this area."—Susan Shek

Photo by Daniel Krieger Photography

Dumbo: "I love Dumbo as a location because it gives you so many different looks, from the Manhattan skyline views and bridges that everyone loves, to that gritty city vibe when you walk away from the water."—Daniel Krieger

Photo by Leon R. Photo

↑ Upstate New York: "Phoenicia is a small town in upstate New York that me and my girlfriend have been to. I didn't have a chance to photograph a couple there, but I am lobbying the place for my couples. This was a winter shot, but you can imagine how beautiful it is in the summer time."—Leon R.

Photo by Leon R. Photo

↑ WNYC Park in Greenpoint: "This is an awesome places to photograph. How can you not fall in love with the view?"—Leon R.

Photo by A Guy + A Girl Photography

↑ Alphabet City and Tompkins Square Park: "There is a lot going on east of Avenue A. If you've ever strolled these streets, you know about the grafitti and the dive bars, but we really love to photograph our couples in the hidden gem wine bars and EV classics like Crif Dogs. Tompkins Square Park has some good spots, even in the dead of winter. For the right couple, this hood has the perfect balance of roughed-up chic-ness.—A Guy + A Girl Photography

Photo by A Guy + A Girl Photography

↑ Jones Street, West Village: For all the Bob Dylan fans out there, you know what we're talking about: the cover of Freewheelin' is Dylan's own little love story. Romance is everywhere on this one block-long street downtown.—A Guy + A Girl Photography

Photo by A Guy + A Girl Photography

↑ Tarrytown, New York: This town is built on a hill alongside the Hudson River and is aabout 25 miles from New York City. Aside from water views and some grass, there is an old music hall, great coffee, ice cream, and some funky old buildings. It's quaint but completely unpretentious. One of the few places we've shot on a warm, breezy Saturday in June without running into other newly engaged couples and their photographers.—A Guy + A Girl Photography  

Photo by Tanveer Badal Photography

↑ Pelham Bay Park: Rather than shooting with the beach in the background (like I had been doing for most of the afternoon), my favorite shot from [this shoot of Jeff and Lydia] actually ended up being with the beach behind me and nowhere in the shot.

The last of the sun was peeking out in the distance, which gave it a nice orange glow right in the lower, middle part of the frame. I took a few shots until it was centered just right. A minute later, the sun was gone. So often, this is what happens. You can plan every shot in the book, but the right one will always be when you don't expect it at all."—Tanveer Badal
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