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Bags in Every Color and Style at Rebecca Minkoff's Sample Sale

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We stopped by the Rebecca Minkoff sample sale preview this morning at 260 Fifth Avenue before the doors opened to the public at 11am, and there seems to be an endless amount of bags to shop. On top of the bags, there are also racks of clothing and a nice display of shoes, with many of the items from this spring. The price list ranges from $25 to $405—however, all samples are $100 each.

Two long tables are filled with all types of bags in every color of the rainbow, and this time there are so many minis that they take up most of the first table and some of the second. The Mini 5 Zips are $125 and come in gray, mint, turquoise, almond, sapphire, white, black, pale grey with neon pink, and metallic silver.

Then there are the famous Mini M.A.C.s that you'll find in so many colors like dusty pink, hot red, electric blue, orangina, neon pink, dark green, ash, gray, fern, brown, and plum. The bulk of the there are $125, except for the plastic versions that are $75.

Next are the Quilted Mini Affairs, which come with or without studs. The studded versions are $135 and come in white, black, neon pink, almond with neon yellow, dusty pink, and spearmint. Stud-less styles are $125 and are available in nude, teal, navy, electric blue, dark green, and a metallic blue.

Other minis and smaller bags include the Elle Mini and studded Elle Mini for $185, the Hudson Moto Mini for $135, the Ascher Mini for $165, tons of the Lust cross-body in black for $75, the Flirty in turquoise or black for $135, and the MAB Mini totes in mint, electric blue, black, or nude for $125.

Standard sized MACs are $165 and come in white, silver, grey, peach, mint, and red. There are a few Harper Crossbodies for $165, and this time the Selena backpack is available in black for $305. The standard Quilted Affairs range from $165 to $185 and come in colors that include azure, white, cream, bronze, and gray with neon pink.

Other larger bags you'll find include MAB totes in nude and neon pink for $165, the Moto Tote for $215, the Dylan tote for $165, the Hudson Moto Hobo for $215, and the Jealous Tri Zip for $245.

Smaller accessories include iPhone cases for $25, belts for $55, coin pouches for $45, and Frannie wallets for $55.

The samples are $100, and there are some great finds—just be sure to examine anything you pick up. The damages we noticed were minimal, like little scuffs and scratches.

Be sure to make your way towards the shoes, where you'll find current styles like the Lore and the Isadora for $125 each. It's also totally worth having a look through the racks of clothing, where pieces from this season are on sale, like the leather and embroidered Victor dress for $305, and Becky jackets in a bunch of different fabrics and colors.

More inventory will be added every day, so if you don't find what you wanted today, it might be worth another visit later on in the sale. There is no dressing room, so trying on is at the shopper's discretion. The sale runs through Saturday. Check out the gallery above for photos, and the deal feed below for more details.
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260 Sample Sale

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