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Updated: The Super-Cheap Babel Fair Sale Is Sold Out!

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Update, 5/30: Babel Fair just let us know that almost all of the merchandise at the sale is sold out—and it happened in five hours. We've left the original report below, in case you're curious what you missed.

We arrived at the major Babel Fair sample sale at 260 Elizabeth Street bright and early at 10:30am this morning. With the sale starting at 11, there was already a line of about fifteen people, which grew close to 50 by the time they opened the doors.

You can buy individual pieces for $10 a pop, but essentially, everyone was filling a bag for $40. There is absolutely no trying on, and with the line growing long outside, they announced a 20 minute shopping time per person.

The entire sale is downstairs, and roughly fifteen people are allowed in at a time. There are all seasons of clothes, ranging from stock from four years ago up until last season.

A lot of merchandise is hanging, but the majority of clothing is in boxes scattered on the floor, and a large middle table which consists mostly of bottoms. The clothing itself was mostly in great condition, with a few things still in plastic.

Brands are all international, and include numph, Ay Not Dead, Lovecat, Washborn, My Pet Square, Reverse, and a few others. Jorts are plentiful, and there are also a lot of jeans but mostly in smaller sizes. There were a lot of bodysuits, cropped tops, and general festival wear.

The sale goes until 7pm tonight, and runs through Sunday. However, they are not restocking, so the pickings will likely be significantly slimmer after today. The boxes require quite a bit of digging, but the treasures we found were well worth it.—Jaclyn Carey
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