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Where to Get a Bikini Wax in New York City

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Our new weekly series Get Right for Summer has one aim: to make sure you're completely beautified before the thermostat hits 90. Whether you need a fresh pedicure or a fake tan, we're here to tell you where to go.

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The last step in getting right for summer: the bikini wax. It doesn't clock in at #1 on the Most Fun Ways to Get Ready for the Beach list, but it's a pretty integral part if you're considering a bottom that isn't boy shorts.

Below, check out our list of the five best places to get waxed—including a few spots that are significantly less painless, thanks to their special blends of wax and speedy technicians.—Mina Shaghaghi

1. Strip: Ministry of Waxing, 56 Spring Street
The "Waxperts" at Strip, the international chain hailing from Singapore, undergo bootcamp-level training to efficiently and nimbly get you baby smooth without the stress. Known for its No Double Dipping commandment and top secret lotion formulas (like the Strip Ice Cream for post-wax treatment), Strip's approach is guided by its mantra of HSQ: Hygiene, Speed, Quality.

From full leg to upper lip and everything in between (and we mean everything), Strip gets rid of any unwanted fuzz quickly and painlessly. Bonus: pop over to Browhaus, the next-door sister salon, to get your brows groomed in the same visit. [See prices here.]

2. Uni K, several locations
This iconic salon was founded in South Beach—home to the itsy bitsy string bikini—so you better believe the pros here know a thing or two about getting you smooth. What sets the salon apart is its "unik" wax, an herbal blend of pinesap, beeswax, and aloe vera that's gentle on the most sensitive skin types.

Prepared on-site for each visitor, this all-natural wax doesn't require paper for removal, thereby minimizing the major ouch factor. It not only removes hair from the root to ensure long-lasting results, but also exfoliates to leave skin silky smooth. [See prices here.]

3. Completely Bare, several locations
When Cindy Barshop (of Real Housewives fame) was faced with a "bikini problem," she decided to create her own solution by founding Completely Services include pain-free, highly effective hair removal solutions, from traditional waxing to innovative laser treatments.

Schedule a free consultation to figure out what method is best for you: the non-invasive, FDA-approved laser system is recommended for stubborn, darker hair, while the salon's exclusive French waxing service uses a lavender-based formula. [See services here.]

4. Haven Spa, 150 Mercer Street
This self-described "urban retreat" delivers: you instantly feel at ease thanks to its cozy, relaxed vibe—even if you are going in for the Sphynx, which is Haven's version of the Brazilian.

Choose from several wax types based on your skin type and sensitivity levels: the Cirepil Blue Stripless Hard Wax uses patented shrink wrap technology to bind to the hair—not the skin; the Gourmet Wax is enriched with essential oils and Vitamin E to minimize irritation; and the Honey Wax, formulated with the active ingredient in chamomile, calms skin during the process. [See prices here.]

5. Bliss, several locations
A wax at Bliss is a surprisingly pampering experience. The highly trained technicians at show off their expertise in a major way, working quickly and efficiently with the aromatherapeutic wax, prepared at a low temperature to minimize pain and stinging. Afterwards, you're treated to Bliss's exclusive post-wax oil, an indulgent blend of essential oils. [See prices here.]

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