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The West Village's Eyebrow Guru on the Benefits of Threading

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You can have your eyebrows threaded at most nail salons for under $10, or you can have it done at Wink Brow Bar in the West Village for $19. The difference includes a nice, more relaxing set-up as well as a complimentary temple massage and a free brow fill-in after your service.

We tried it out ourselves and came to this conclusion: if you're the type of person who opts for the spa pedicure over the regular pedicure, goes to SoulCycle instead of Planet Fitness, and shells out for blowouts on the reg, then it's probably the place for you. We spoke with owner Umbreen Sheikh about the benefits of threading over waxing and tweezing, how often you should touch-up your brows, and why you should always leave it up to the professionals.

First, why threading in the first place?

Umbreen explains that, in addition to being more gentle on the brow, there are anti-aging benefits, too. "The eye area is a very sensitive area, and I believe that waxing loosens the skin over time. You're applying a product that removes not only your skin layer, but the mechanical aspect of pulling can cause the skin to loosen."

Another benefit of threading over waxing is you don't need to wait for the hair to grow uncomfortably long before removing it—thread can grab hair that's much closer to the skin than wax can. Wink recommends getting a clean up every two weeks.

Then why not tweezing?

Wink also tweezes (to get the straggler hairs at the end of the threading process), but it's the finishing touch—not the whole process. "When you tweeze, you're pulling one hair. When you lay the thread along the brow, you're actually making a very precise line. With tweezing you can't do that, because manually, you're going from hair to hair to hair. The thread is almost like a ruler—it's like setting the template."

She adds that the thread at Wink is completely organic and that you'll never see stray threads lying around her salon—she keeps a clean house.

What if you're trying to fill in your brows?

If you're concerned you don't have enough hair to pluck, Umbreen advises it's best to "let a professional artisan decide." They'll also guide you on how to fill them in, whether you're going for Cara Delevingne brows or just something that's a little more substantial that what you already have.
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Wink Brow Bar

7 Greenwich Avenue New York NY