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Head to the Tibi Sale Now for the $25 Samples

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Update, 5/21: Here's what's happening on day two: more markdowns, but less merchandise.

We stopped by the friends and family portion of Tibi's current sample sale this morning, and so far it's one of the best sales of the season. Prices start at just $15, and there will be additional markdowns throughout the duration of the sale. If you're planning on going, go now, because we anticipate it getting hit hard (some items were already sold out when we got to there at 11am).

Clothing makes up the majority of the sale, and you'll find everything from past-season stock—like sweaters ($75) and coats ($150— to current-season summer gear, like shorts for $50 and silk camisoles for $75. Keep an eye out for anything marked with a yellow or orange tag: prices for these are $15 and $25.

The sale is heavy on dresses. Some of our favorites: color-blocked maxi styles for $150, structured black-and-white shifts (tagged $25), and metallic cocktail dresses for $150. Sizes range from 0 through 14, but we found the majority of items are sizes 4 and 6.

A lot of the tops we found were from the label's spring and summer collections. We saw sequined camis for $75, leather peplum bustiers for $150, and knit shell tanks for $25. There are a good deal of sweaters, including one with an Eiffel-tower screenprint ($75) and cutout short sleeve sweaters (also $75). A handful of different styles of blazers and jackets are available—our favorite was a white denim and black tweed moto style for $150).

For bottoms, we found floral print Bermuda shorts for $50, dip-dyed eyelet skirts for $25, leather skorts for $75, and a pretty solid selection of skinny work trousers in various colors, ranging from $25 to $75. Newer styles are marked with a green tag and priced individually—ask a sales associate if you can't find the price (many are missing tags).

Some specialty pieces in the front of the sale range up to $300, but we think they're worth the splurge. Expect to find short-sleeve anorak trench coats ($250), beaded cocktail dresses for $250, and circle midi skirts for $300. These items are from the current-season stock, hence the higher price tags.

In the middle of the sale space are tables holding boxes of samples, all of which are $25. These are from both past and current seasons, and there are some great finds, although we recommend inspecting each piece carefully. There are some damages and partially-completed items that need sewing to be wearable.

We spotted boxy neoprene tees, silk slip dresses, wool winter coats, and linen blazers among the piles. Heads up: we saw shoppers throwing their unwanted garments in the sample bins, so double-check to avoid sticker shock at the register.

The sale also includes a selection of shoes, including heels, sandals, Chelsea boots, and flats, although this section was hit pretty hard (three sandal styles were already sold out by the time we left). The sizes range from 5.5 to 10.5, and are priced from $75 for flats to $125 for heels.

If you're lucky enough to spot an orange-sticker pair in your size, snag them—the sticker means they're the last available pair, and they're tagged $25.

There's a fitting room in the back of the sale space, but there was a major line when we were there, so be prepared to wait. The staff will be restocking what they can (and adding new samples daily) throughout the duration of the sale, which runs through Thursday at 57 Greene Street.—Gillian Fuller
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