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Where This Designer Makes Her 'Sorry Not Sorry' Necklaces

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Welcome to Open Studio, a Racked feature where we explore the workspaces and showrooms of some of the city's most talented, up-and-coming designers.

All photos by Driely S. for Racked

Jewelry designer Carrie Morrissey uses materials like acrylic instead of ornate gemstones; she pulls inspiration from high school stoners, phrases that get stuck in her head, and the culture of mass production. Her latest collection for her brand I Still Love You NYC includes pizza pins, cheeky tiaras, and a necklace that outlines how many fucks one should give (answer: 00).

Over the past year, she began collaborating with megabrand DKNY and has supplied major wholesale orders for companies like Urban Outfitters, all while operating out of a Greenpoint studio and keeping an Etsy page.

She explains, "Plastic jewelry is really the ultimate in mass-production, so it's sort of perversely fun to use the same material to make something thoughtful and high-end that people will love and treasure. I find those juxtapositions coming up in my work a lot: low vs. high, mass produced vs. handmade, natural vs. artificial."

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