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At the Araks Sample Sale: $10, $15 Bargain Bins of Bras and More

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The Araks sample sale kicked off this morning, and we were there bright and early to check it out. It's at 137 Grand Street on the fifth floor, and is running today from until 7:30pm, and tomorrow from 9am to 6:30pm. This morning, there was a sprinkling of customers in and out (presumably, everyone else was lined up at Loeffler Randall).

Hanging we found bralettes for $40 and $50 in a range of sizes. Underwire was scarce, but present. Printed cotton pajamas ran $100 for tops, $84 for pant bottoms, and $45 for short bottoms. Sizes are pretty even across the board, from extra small to large, however even the large bralettes may not accommodate much above a C-cup.

There are three racks filled with womenswear at around 60% off. We fell in love with a thick scuba material dark green dress ($398 from $995). Clothes were decently priced, but not rock bottom. However, the smattering of bins on the floor were priced at $10, and $15 for tons of panties, bras, and even bikinis and slips. There are also $20 and $30 bins for their most popular undergarments styles.

You definitely have to dig a little in the bins, but it's worth it. Thankfully, almost everything is in plastic, so it doesn't feel like you're rummaging through someone's underwear drawer. Two clothing bins priced at $75 contain womenswear at up to 90% off, with mostly tops and pants.

If you're small up top, the sale's definitely worth the trip to stock up on bralettes (and whatever your size, to stock up on panties). They'll be restocking sizes, but all styles are already out. There's a fairly spacious try on area in the back of the sale, complete with a full length mirror.—Jaclyn Carey
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