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The Bonpoint Sample Sale is Back at the Metropolitan Pavilion

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The Bonpoint sample sale began this morning at 9am at the Metropolitan Pavilion, and if yesterday's preview was any indication of what today will be like, be prepared to wait (if you're not already doing so). There will likely be a long line outside, as well as a long line to pay.

Everything is arranged on tables and racks, categorized by size. Sizes begin with layette and go up to 12y and young miss. Although there isn't much for babies 18m to 2y, there are lots of great pieces for children younger or older.

Layette pieces include the ultra soft signature footie overalls for $52, cashmere overalls and sets ranging from about $100 to $140, little denim bloomers for $34, and booties for $40.

For little girls, there are floral blouses around $54, jumpers around $62, and crocheted cardigans around $70. Some girls' pieces we couldn't get enough of: a denim jumpsuit for a 4-year-old ($106) and an itty bitty bikini for a 6-year-old for $46.

As usual, the majority of clothing is for girls, but don't be discouraged if you're shopping for your son. There's plenty unisex denim in all sizes and colors, ranging from about $54 to $80; adorable trousers for about $80; Bermuda shorts for about $54; and pullovers for about $62 a pair. There are also swim trunks for the little guys, and they're equally as adorable as the bikinis—just not as teeny.

This time, there were less flouncy accoutrements and more necessary accessories, like shoes, hats, socks, and booties. In fact, the shoe selection is rather large (and so chic it'd make an adult want to squeeze into a size four). A pair of leather ballet flats are $98, leather tennis shoes are $126, and flat sandals are $86.

There are sorting tables in the back where shoppers can figure out what they'd like to take. Since everything is already out, the restocking is whatever shoppers decide to put back. (That tends to be more than half of what they'd originally scooped up, so if you don't see what you were looking for just wait it out—another mother may just throw it right back in.)

No cash is accepted, so bring your cards. Check the dealfeed for full details, and the photo gallery for a ton of images of what's inside.
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