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10 Buys Under $10: Because It's Not Payday YET

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Is there anything sadder than a wallet on the 14th of the month? (Or the 29th?) The day before payday is both hopeful (The promise of cash! Deposited directly into your account! At midnight, maybe!) and sad (No actual cash yet! Amy's frozen burritos for dinner!).

But, even if you have less than a Hamilton left in your bank account before that next check arrives, you can still treat yo' self. We've rounded up some of the city's best under-$10 buys, from Pixie Market's silver stacking rings, to Topshop's Electric Zoo-ready poncho and Sprout Home's bud vases.

Make it rain (Washingtons) all over the checkout counter! Then pick up those bills and hand them to the sales associate in a neat pile. It's only polite.

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