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A Little of This, A Little of That: Four Awesome Fusion Workouts

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Welcome to Workout Wednesday, where every hump-day we'll be rounding up some of the city's hottest fitness trends and studios.

Image via Exhale

Fusion workouts are the vegan buffet of the fitness world—you try a little bit of everything, and just when you're getting tired of one activity it's on to the next one. Want to try barre, but need more cardio? Like to cycle, but crave a deep post-workout stretch? Read on for four great fusion workouts at some of the city's best boutique fitness studios.

Image via Flex Studios

↑ Flex Studio's Flex30/30 and Flex90

At Flex on West 14th Street, you can literally take all of the studio's classes in one (intense) 90 minute session—that includes barre, Pilates, and TRX. If that's a little too much, you can do the 30/30 class, which mixes barre and Pilates or Pilates and TRX.

Owner Jeanette Simon says: "New Yorkers want fast-paced, 'one-stop shopping' when it comes to working out. They want a workout that's effective so they do not need to spend too much time at the gym. That's why we created the FLEX90 class. It's a hybrid of all three of the heart-pumping classes we offer at FLEX Studios."

Image via Uplift Studios

↑ Uplift's Sculpt Fusion

Uplift's fusion workout is low intensity but definitely not easy—instead of squatting with the TRX, you'll incorporate yoga, Pilates, and strength training moves into one hour-long workout. For example, you'll move through a vinyasa and then lift weights while in Warrior II or while holding a curl, or leg lifts in standard Pilates poses. Rather than being broken up into two or three distinct parts, Uplift seamlessly fuses it all together.

Image via Exhale

↑ Exhale's Core Fusion Cardio

You'll work up a sweat within minutes of Exhale's hybrid class, Core Fusion Cardio, which—as you've probably inferred—mixes elements of cardio and barre back-to-back. That means by the time you hit the ballet bar, your muscles are already super warmed up, making each plié that much more intense.

Nicole Uribarri, Mind Body Manager and Core Fusion teacher, explains: "Barre+Cardio combines two workouts in a single session. In one hour, we merge the strength-training effects of Core Fusion Barre with the cardiovascular benefits of Core Fusion Cardio to create a one-two punch that builds muscle, burns fat and gives you the sculpted look you want." Proof: her bod.

Image via Pedal NYC

↑ Pedal NYC's 30/30

Cycling more your thing? The 30/30 class at Pedal NYC on the Upper West Side combines that with either strength training or yoga. Classes are an hour long, but an express option is offered at 45 minutes. Sessions are held in two different rooms (the SpinBin and the Catalyst), and sometimes, they'll even take you outside. The Upper West Side studio also recently opened an outpost in Hoboken, for anyone who's closer to Jersey than West End Avenue.
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