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Another Way to Buy Boutique Fitness Classes at a Discount

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Fortunately, New York City's boutique fitness boom came with the launch of several ways to stockpile classes for cheap—relatively speaking. In addition to ClassPass, Gilt City, and AthletesClub is BurnThis, an app that took off this year thanks to its Costco-like approach to working out. It allows you to buy classes in bulk at places like Bikram Yoga, Exhale, City Row, Flex Studios, and more with price breaks. For example, a recent deal at Bikram offered 20% off a five-class pack.

The BurnThis site is also a pretty great resource for studio reviews, too: They break down everything you need to know before signing up for a class in a quick bullet-point list, including the quick facts, the facility's backstory, and their personal review.
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