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Last Chance! Uplift's Summer Challenge Starts Monday

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Image courtesy of Uplift

Shorts are coming. With that fear in mind, this editor has decided to partake in Uplift Studio's Six Weeks 'Til Summer Challenge, which kicks off Monday, April 7th and runs through Wednesday, May 21st. Join me?

The team component and access to a coach were major reasons I was interested in participating in the challenge, which (full disclosure) Uplift has offered me a gratis spot in. Another huge sell? The winner of the last challenge went from 21% body fat to 16% body fat, dropping 24% of her total body fat in six weeks. Bring on the shorts.

Here's a refresher on the program: It's $499 per person and includes six weeks of unlimited classes at the Flatiron studio, one outdoor workout, one team workout, kick-off and finale parties, and some pretty sweet prizes (including $250 in studio credit for both the individual who attends the most classes in six weeks and the individual who loses the most body fat during the challenge).

You can sign up with friends to create your own team, or if you join solo you'll be placed on a team. Teams share a coach, but are not obligated to work out together—you can definitely make your own schedule. The team that collectively attends the most classes during the six week challenge will win $50 each in studio credit.

Sign up here, e-mail, or call (212) 242-3103 to get in.
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