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Lots of Cashmere, Accessories at Zadig & Voltaire's Sample Sale

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The Zadig & Voltaire sample sale is back again at 260 Fifth Avenue, running through Saturday afternoon. The clothing mainly caters to women, but the selection for men and kids is definitely bigger than last time. Expect to find tons of light pieces for spring and summer like light colored blazers, t-shirts, denim shorts, and airy skirts. Fans of the brand's signature cashmere will happy to find racks of it here.

Prices are displayed on each rack of clothing, as well as on the staircase and walls. You'll find silky blouses for $80, light jersey tees for $65, blazers embellished with skulls for $230, denim shorts for $55, and mini skirts for $75.
Those interested in the cozy cashmere and metallic knitwear should heads towards the central front racks to browse through soft cardigans for $195 and vests for $140.

Most of the merch is from 2013, but there are some samples from this past fall mixed in, like a pair of baggy black leather pants for $300 and a gold brocade blazer for $230.

Aside from the clothing, there's all sorts of accessories—not just bags and scarves. This time, you'll find sunglasses for $80, watches for $120, and floppy hats for $35 or $70. These smaller accessories accompany a big selection of bags and an even larger display of shoes.

Bag prices depend on retail prices—Bags originally under $149 are $35, bags between $200 and $299 are $85, and bags that were $500 to $599 are $230.

Shoe prices are set with flats, sandals, and stilettos for $140, boots for $250, and men's sneakers for $160. There are lots more shoes offered than there were at October's sale, including a few versions of the signature Teddy boots.

Guys will find tons of $45 tees in several colors, shorts and cargos for $60, light military jackets for $190, and a small selection of cashmere for $190 and $220. We were told that men's denim is on the way and will be priced at $60 a pair.

There's a fitting room and a large staff available to assist in decoding prices and finding sizes. No word on if and when there will be further reductions will be, but they will be restocking. Check out the gallery above for the complete price lists and a bunch of photos from inside.

Update: 4/30: For today only, buy four t-shirts and get a fifth one free. This includes the brand's signature Tunisien tops.
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260 Sample Sale

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