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Neon Workout Gear and Buff Mannequins at Under Armour Soho

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Photos by Driely S. for Racked

Under Armour would like to remind New Yorkers that the brand is more than the sweat-wicking compression tees and leggings that made them famous—and they're doing so with a splashy new Soho flagship.

Walking in, shoppers are greeted with a 30-by-16-foot "digital marquee" (or giant LED screen playing footage of UA-affiliated athletes) on their left, and a self-watering wall of plants on their right. Directly in front of them stand a fleet of Under Armour's crazy-buff mannequins, clad in one of the brand's big sellers—man-pris, which are typically worn under looser shorts.

In the women's section, clothing is organized by sport. A giant image of American Ballet Theater soloist Misty Copeland watches over the barre section—populated by printed bottoms and tanks—while over in cycling-land, vented leggings are paired with double-layered drawstring tops with built-in sports bras.

Lifestyle options, which are meant to be worn on your weekend workout-juice-bar-errands run (think stretchy, denim-like capris, Yankees tees made from tech fabric, and army green popovers that look more J. Crew than gym), are peppered throughout the space.

Downstairs you'll a find sneaker bar with both high and low-impact styles in neon brights—perfect for hardcore runners and fashion types who want to hop on the sporty bandwagon.

Make sure you check out the dressing rooms, as each one is modeled after a different court or stadium and are all stocked with water bottles, in case your trying-on session gets intense. The only thing they're missing is "Eye of the Tiger" on loop, but if you're shopping for sporting gear, you probably have it on your iPod anyway.
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