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Kidrobot Is Closing in Soho. Where Will Labbits Go?!

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Kidrobot broke some sad news on its blog today: after ten-plus years in business, the Soho boutique is closing up shop. (Hat tip to an eagle eye tipster.) The letter explains:

This was an incredibly difficult decision for us; however, continuing to operate the current store at its present size and location is just no longer feasible. We know we belong in New York City and (don't worry!) we have every intention to re-open in a new location in the future where we can continue to build the community together.

The store is located at a prime spot—118 Prince Street between Wooster and Greene—so it probably won't be long until somebody scoops it up.
· Dear Kidrobot Community. A Letter from The President [Kidrobot]


118 Prince Street New York NY