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Fabergé Eggs, Now at Rock Center, Will Net Some Big Bucks

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After venturing out into the the big city, the Fabergé eggs are now all nesting together. The Big Egg Hunt has ended and the two-and-a-half foot sculptures have been moved to Rockefeller Center, where they'll be on display for a week before being awarded to the highest auction bidder, either at Sotheby's or online at Paddle8, with proceeds going to charity.

If you want to get your hands on one, get your wallet ready—the bidding has already begun, with names from art and fashion already going for thousands.

As of a couple hours ago, the most expensive egg on the auction block was designed by contemporary artist Jeff Koons and was going for a whopping $360,000. The next design, from architect Zaha Hadid, is a relative bargain at only $31,000.

Other notable names from the art world include Julian Schnabel, whose red and white egg perched on a table is currently at $7,500, and Curtis Kulig, who created a yellow smiley face-inspired design that's priced at $3,400. And Brooklyn-based Jason Woodside, whose work is featured at the Adidas Originals pop-up shop in the basement of Space Ninety 8, has an egg with the same brightly-colored patchwork design that's going for $1,600.

There's also two photographers in the mix: Bruce Weber designed an egg that's covered, collage-style, in his Kate Moss photos over the years for $4,100, while Terry Richardson's creation featuring—well, himself—is now at $800.

On the fashion side, the highest bid currently belongs to Ralph Lauren—his Wild West meets Humpty Dumpty egg is priced at $6,500. Following the American icon is Tommy Hilfiger for $3,200, Carolina Herrera for $2,800, and Diane von Furstenberg for $2,000. Marchesa and Warby Parker are also in the mix at $1,100 and $800, respectively.

Check out a sampling of what's available in the gallery above, and see the rest of the designs at the egg hunt's official site—or take advantage of the gorgeous holiday weekend weather and go see them in person.
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