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Cool Down: Three Post-Workout Treatments and Products

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Welcome to Workout Wednesday, where every hump-day we'll be rounding up some of the city's hottest fitness trends and studios.

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The savasana after yoga, the deep stretch after a run, and the foam roller at the end of leg day—few things are more satisfying than the cool down after an intense workout. Beyond your regular post-exercise routine, there are several other ways to relax, rejuvenate, and restore: like Bliss Spa's new Stretch Treatment, two great products from Mio Skincare, and a class at Physique 57 that's all about the stretch. Get the rundown on each after the jump.

A treatment room at Bliss

Bliss Stretch Therapy

One of Bliss's new spa treatments is the Stretch Therapy massage, which isn't really a massage at all—you keep your clothes on (and specifically, wear workout clothes), and your therapist twists and turns your body via an assisted stretch to loosen achy, stiff muscles and increase circulation. It's done in a tranquil room, with soft lighting, candles, and sleepy music, so it's more intimate but somehow less awkward than a one-on-one muscle massage with a personal trainer. A 30 minute treatment is $80, and a 60 minutes is $150.

Mio's Liquid Yoga bath soak and Workout Wonder muscle gel

Mio Bodycare:

Skincare brand Mio's mission is "fit skin for life," and their products range from firming oils to post-workout care. Two of them include the Workout Wonder muscle gel that relives sore muscles with herbs and extracts, and the Liquid Yoga bath soak, which is a soothing mix of essential oils (spearmint, cypress, lavender, mandarin and chamomile), Epsom salts, and therapeutic herbs. The notes of lavender are the strongest, so it'll leave your bathroom smelling a better than it probably did when you walked in.

Image via Physique 57

Physique 57 Stretch Class

The stretch class at Physique is literally just that: a half hour or full hour of straight-up stretching. The classes can be taken as either a warm up or cool down to complement Physique's other classes, but they work great on their own for muscles that have been overworked throughout the week. Classes are $36.
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