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McNally Jackson Opening in Brooklyn, Rizzoli Building Updates

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McNally Jackson. Photo by Brian Harkin
McNally Jackson. Photo by Brian Harkin

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Nolita's McNally Jackson bookstore is expanding into Williamsburg. Owner Sarah McNally tells the Times that she checked out the Upper West Side first for a possible second store, but was deterred by the small spaces and huge rents. The article explains: "At the urging of a former employee, she began looking in Brooklyn and settled on Williamsburg, where she found a 'magnificent,' loftlike space with a 20-foot ceiling. The store [at 76 N. 4th Street] will open this fall."

In stark comparison, DNAinfo posted yesterday that the current building that houses the beautiful Rizzoli bookstore will be demolished.

Update: The The Save Rizzoli Committee has sent us a statement regarding the fate of the building, which sheds a lot of light on the situation.

The Landmarks Preservation Commission's stance on 31 West 57th Street remains unchanged from its earlier position that it does not meet landmarks criteria. However, their evaluation was not put to a vote by the Commissioners, it was determined by a single individual based on a very brief third-party property evaluation report filed in 2007. Their decision is not final and can always be revisited. In fact, the LPC has reversed their positions on whether buildings meet landmark criteria in the past, and with Commissioners terms set to expire very soon, there is still hope they may do so. petition has over 15,000+ signatures begging the Landmarks Commission to spare the 109 year old building that was formerly a piano showroom before Rizzoli moved in in 1985.

Rizzoli photo by Driely S.

Meanwhile, the Times has the stats on the continued closures of other book stores, which includes the shuttering of five Barnes & Nobles, plus independent shops like Coliseum Books, Murder Ink, Endicott Booksellers, and the Bank Street Bookstore in Morningside Heights, which plans to close next year.

But as Free Williamsburg points out, things aren't so dire in the Williamsburg-Greenpoint area. The neighborhoods are home to two well-liked independent bookstores that don't appear to be in any danger of shuttering: Spoonbill & Sugartown on Bedford Avenue, and Word on Franklin Street.
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McNally Jackson

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