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Vests, Camp Gear, and Maple Syrup at the Best Made Co. Sale

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Fans of high-quality, American-made goods are in for a treat at the Best Made Co. Rites of Spring sale happening at their Tribeca headquarters, which doubles as a workshop and store at 36 White Street. Today is the last day of the sale (hours are noon to 7pm), and there are already some markdowns on the original sale prices. When we arrived yesterday afternoon for the first day, shoppers were greeted at the door with a smile and free coffee and donuts.

Inside you'll find clothes, camping tools, bags, home goods, accessories, books, and maps, all at reduced prices. The markdowns are higher for the Best Made Co. products (up to 80% off), while some specialty items are only up to 30% off. Some of the items are still sold on the website, but most are limited edition and are only available in-store. For those who hope to score an axe, there are none to be had at the sale.

Note that the photos in the gallery above are from yesterday, but the prices below reflect the current markdowns. To the right, you'll find most of the clothing (all menswear), which includes some New York-sewn shearling wool vests priced at $295 (were $375) and super sturdy shawl wool neck sweaters for $295 (were $398). Toward the back, tan, white, or gray five pocket pants in sizes 32-38 are $50 (were $180), and Canadian manufactured tees are $18 (were $38). Among the clothes are some bags, including the Best Made Ditty bag for $70, and blue and red Alpine Rucksacks for $250.

In the middle of the room, a large metal shelf holds all types of home goods, knives, books, brushes, accessories, and more. Seamless & Steadfast enamelware in sets of two are going for $18 for cups and $20 for plates and bowls; can openers are $6 (were $16); field rules are $25 (were $48); maple rulers are $10-$14; whiskey tumblers are $48 (set of two); the Cap of Courage beanie in red and navy is now $40; and a and "Big Jug" of organic maple syrup is $36 (was $72). A bunch of books are all 40% off, and there is also a bargain bin of random items, such as first-aid kits, hats, and flasks, ranging from $1 to $20.

There are all types of knives, including the Mercator locking knife for $34; the German locking knife for $58; the Best Made Rigging knife for $140; the Anchor knife for $40; and the Barlow knife for $32.

Other notable items: wool base layers ($60, top or bottom); elkskin gloves ($40) and wool scarves ($58). "Wonderful" silk-screened maps are $30 (almost 80% off), while the Constellations map is $98. There are some damaged or slightly flawed items at the sale, which are marked with stickers. Cash and credit cards are accepted, and the sale runs from noon to 7pm today at 36 White Street in Tribeca.—Hsini
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