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Tour Warby Parker's Historic Upper East Side Store

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Warby Parker's third store in the city — this one on the Upper East Side — soft-opens this weekend, in the space that once housed the century-old pharmacy Lascoff Drugs. Snagging Warby as a tenant is probably the best thing that could happen to the fate of the storied building, since the eyewear brand has kept a lot of the original architecture.

Inside, you'll find that the tile, staircase (this is Warby's first two-story shop), and railings are all left over from the Lascoff days. Outside, the front door and window molding is all original, and the marquee sign out front will also remain, though it'll be swapped with the Warby Parker logo.

The store will be the first to offer two eye exam stations, and will include a reception desk for prescription questions, adjustments, and other odds and ends. The upstairs area includes a reading nook with quarterly publications to flip through.