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Nanette Lepore's Amazing Archive Sale Is Back

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Remember that incredible archive sale Nanette Lepore held last spring? Well, we've got great news: starting today, she's holding another one, and once again the selection and prices are really amazing. This is one of those rare sales that might require you to fake a doctor's appointment so you can sneak out of work for a few hours to shop—not that we would encourage such felonious behavior...

Over the years, Nanette seems to have saved every sample her company ever made. Now, she's finally thinning out the herd by selling hundreds of these one-(or two)-of-a-kind garments—and everything is priced under a $100. Although you'll see some familiar designs, the majority of pieces are making their first appearance at an archive sale.

There are one-offs that were worn on the runway, prototypes that were made for the runway but never used, samples of garments that went into production, and other samples that never saw the light of day. Some are as current as this winter, while others go back as far as the early days of Nanette's career, when she was designing under the label Robespierre.

Sizes are small, but fortunately, there is some flexibility. Since these are samples, most are size 2 with a few 8s scattered in. But since these were used for various types of production, many don't run true to size. So, if you're anywhere from a 0 to an 8 you'll probably find pieces here that fit you (although 0's, 2s and 4s will have the most luck). We recommend that you try everything on—don't completely trust what you see on the labels.

Right as you enter, you'll find a section of leather, including jackets, skirts, dresses and shorts. These range between $70 to $100. There are also plenty of non-leather coats for $75 and jackets for $65 spread throughout the sale.

There are many racks of dresses, all ranging between $60 and $70, depending on whether they're fancy or embellished or not. Similarly, fancy tops are $50 while simpler ones are $40. There's also a lot of knitwear, with sweaters ranging from $40 to $50. Skirts are also $40 and pants are just $30.

One really special feature of this sale, which has never been a part of any previous Nanette Lepore sale, is that the designer is selling some of her own vintage pieces, ones that she's used as inspiration for her designs. You'll find one rack, dubbed "Nanette's Vintage," full of all kinds of fun garments, priced between $20 and $30.

The steal of the sale, however, are the shoes. Unlike most items at the sale, these aren't one off samples, they're regular production. All the shoes are just $40 a pair, including some very cute black leather boots, which we predict will be snapped up very quickly.

The rest of the accessories are also very inexpensive. There are two racks of slips, in every color you can imagine, for just $5 each, and tons of fabric belts for $5 and $7. There's also a smattering of scarves, hats, and bags, with prices ranging anywhere from $5 to $30. Aside from the shoes, accessories are really an afterthought —the main focus is all the unique and incredibly reasonably priced clothing.

The sale runs from 9am to 7pm today through Thursday at 225 W. 35th Street, fourth floor.
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